Please help to avoid fires

Farmland  fires

Buriton is surrounded by farmland which is all tinder dry.

It would not take much to start a fire which could then be difficult to contain.

With relatively poor water supply systems in parts of the parish it could be very difficult to put out any fires if they were to start …

But parishioners can help and avoid the risk of fires spreading to village homes and gardens.

As well as refraining from having bonfires, it is suggested that people should take care when having barbecues and make sure that their used charcoal is disposed of carefully – and never thrown into fields!

Leave your BBQ to cool down for several hours and apply water. 

Bonfires and discarded cigarettes have also caused large fires in the past – all it takes is a few rogue sparks and the wind in the wrong direction.

This area is currently at very high risk of wildfires and it’s therefore particularly important that outdoor fires are prevented to protect our countryside, properties and life.

Please be vigilant and do anything that you can to help avoid farm fires.