Climate Change and Buriton

It is realised that while Covid-19 has shaken us all, threats posed by global warming have not gone away. Major scientific reports show that human activity is changing the climate in unprecedented and sometimes irreversible ways. Reports warn of increasingly extreme heatwaves, droughts and flooding, described as a “code red for humanity”.

Climate change could affect future life in Buriton in a wide range of ways: more storms, periods of drought, fires affecting farmland and food supplies, water shortages, effects on nature and changes in population movement as low-lying areas near the coast are threatened by rising seas.

Responses to these challenges will require both mitigation (taking actions to reduce the severity of climate change) and adaptation (adjusting to live in new conditions).

Following presentations at Parish Council meetings, a group of volunteers has joined with local councillors and has begun to explore ideas and actions – with a focus on domestic measures and transport. 

Encouragement for all parishioners to join the ‘Buriton Climate Change Challenge’ by pledging to do just one thing (or one thing more) in 2022 was circulated to every household with the Winter 2021 Parish Magazine and details are available here.  

Recognising that it can be daunting to try to find your way around some of the new technologies and changes required to reduce your home’s carbon footprint, Buriton’s Climate Care Group has identified some examples of things that some families have already done: some Climate Care Pathfinders. These ‘Case Study’ examples are attached with other useful pdf documents at the foot of this web-page.

And the Parish Council has adopted a ‘Climate & Nature Charter’ (here) to ensure that its own activities consider climate change and to encourage others to act appropriately. 

More support, ideas and volunteers are always needed for this sort of activity and it is hoped that the community will rise to this challenge. 

Please contact Petra Norris, Parish Clerk, via 07943 536065 or, to let her know if you might be interested in joining the group or helping with ideas, activities or actions.