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Who can afford to waste £100?

Unfortunately, dog poo in the village continues to be a problem.

The District Council’s dog fouling enforcement team visit the village and have been shocked at the fouling they found here compared with other villages.

They will continue to visit, identify culprits and issue £100 fines.

Dog fouling is not only deeply unpleasant, it is dangerous. Whilst rare, contact with dog excrement can cause toxocariasis – a nasty infection that can lead to dizziness, nausea, asthma and even blindness or seizures.

Water usage

Be wise with water this summer

Water Companies are introducing Temporary Use Bans across many parts of Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, Sussex and Kent – particularly for hosepipes.

These temporary bans includes activities like watering plants or gardens, washing cars, cleaning windows, paths or patios and filling ponds, pools or fountains.

There has now been relatively little rain for many months and weather experts explain that we’re experiencing one of the driest years on record.

Please help to avoid fires

Buriton is surrounded by farmland which is all tinder dry.

It would not take much to start a fire which could then be difficult to contain.

With relatively poor water supply systems in parts of the parish it could be very difficult to put out any fires if they were to start …

But parishioners can help and avoid the risk of fires spreading to village homes and gardens.

As well as refraining from having bonfires, it is suggested that people should take care when having barbecues and make sure that their used charcoal is disposed of carefully – and never thrown into fields!

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More improvements at the Village Hall

New windows, doors and insulation as part of phased enhancements

Although delayed by the Coronavirus pandemic new double-glazed windows and doors are being fitted throughout the main hall building.  A new external staircase to / from the upper hall is also part of the project.

The hall was originally opened in August 1997 and so the previous fittings had served for almost exactly 25 years.

The opportunity is being taken to check the adequacy of insulation in the cavity walls and behind the cladding – and to improve where necessary.

Planning and bus service consultations

Responses submitted by the Parish Council

Hampshire County Council currently spends £3.5 million pa on supporting services (including the 94 Service which serves Buriton) but they are looking to save £800,000 from next year. As well as drawing the HCC Consultation to the attention of parishioners, Parish Councillors have studied the options and proposals and submitted a response: available at the foot of this page.

The new houses on Greenway Lane

Latest updates

The Parish Council continues to try to work closely with the new owners of the housing site (Imperial Homes) and with the SDNPA Planning Officers who will monitor the construction.

Imperial Homes have submitted details of their Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) which is required to show how the construction work considers aspects of environmental protection and minimises impacts on people and the environment.

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New affordable homes in Buriton

More news about the forthcoming houses on Greenway Lane

The Parish Council has sought more information about this housing development from Housing Officers at East Hants DC and can update as follows:

As already known, 4 of the 10 homes are due to be built as affordable units: three homes for rent and one as a form of intermediate affordable housing such as shared ownership. All are due to be 2-bedroomed properties and all are due to have solar panels and air source heat pumps making them relatively efficient to live in.

Planning officials from Oman visit Buriton

Part of a fact-finding trip to study national park ideas

A group of senior Government officials swopped the sweltering 41 degree heat of Muscat for a more bearable 14 degrees in Buriton early in June.

The visitors, including the country’s Director-General of Spatial Strategy in the Ministry of Housing & Urban Planning, spent a full day with representatives of Buriton Parish Council and others in the community.

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