Parish Council elections: deadlines for applicants

Elections 2023

Elections to the Parish Council take place every 4 years – and they are coming soon this year! 

The deadline to submit nomination forms is 4pm on Tuesday 4th April.  

With some of the current Councillors retiring this year there will be vacancies.  

Please encourage anyone interested in helping with the Parish Council’s business to complete the paperwork in good time.

Nomination forms have to be taken by hand to EHDC’s offices ‘by appointment only’: from 17th March to 4th April.

Please use this link to arrange appointments (EHDC is allowing 15 minutes per person):

A briefing document and a timetable for the Parish Council election process are attached at the bottom of this web-page.

The following links may also be useful:

The Electoral Services team at EHDC is also willing to help with any questions or queries. Simply phone 01730 234350 or email: 

Current Parish Councillors and the Parish Clerk will also be willing to help.

Information about the Parish Council’s business can be found via this web-page