New affordable homes on Greenway Lane

Greenway Lane homes

Do you know anyone who should register an interest?

With construction work underway it is important for anyone with any interest in living in any of the new affordable homes to register an interest.

Four of the ten new houses being built on the edge of the village will be managed by a Housing Association: 3 for renting and 1 shared ownership.

The homes will be let via Hampshire Home Choice (Housing Register) and people with a connection to the parish of Buriton will get priority for them. But the individuals/families will need to be registered with Hampshire Home Choice:

The new houses are likely to be advertised via Hampshire Home Hub about 8 or 10 weeks before they are ready: so people will need to be ready to apply (ie. be registered etc) very soon.

New opportunities are advertised every Wednesday on Hampshire Homes Hub and people have until the following Sunday to apply. Decisions are then made by the following Tuesday.

If people have not applied (“placed a bid of interest”) they will not get the house: they will be offered to other applicants as they cannot be kept empty.

Applicants will need evidence of their connection to the parish. 

Staff in at EHDC’s Housing Team are very willing to help anyone interested in applying for any of these four homes. Contact numbers include: 01730 234358, 01730 234415 or 01730 234038.