Tweak of the Month – for October

Tweak for October

Ideas towards living more sustainably and saving some money

Buriton is connecting with other local groups including villages between Petersfield and Midhurst who are encouraging people to join them by taking a step or two towards living more sustainably, and maybe saving some money. 

Each month they are sharing a ‘Tweak of the Month’ for people to try.

This month’s tweak encourages us all to consider eating slightly less meat and dairy products. 

The Tweak suggests a number of ideas and explains that if everyone does a little bit, it’d gradually add up to a lot!

This can, however, be a tricky issue in this part of the world where grazing cows convert grasslands into food to feed the nation and help with food security in a volatile world. 

Our temperate climate promotes grass growth and dairying in this country can be one of the most carbon friendly compared to other countries. 

With local farmers facing unprecedented pressures there are, however, fears that if demand for dairy products were to drop, the industry could shut down leaving products to be imported from countries with worse carbon footprints. 

Milk from dairy cows in this parish is sold to Arla: a cooperative which is at the forefront of sustainability in the industry with the price paid being based on carbon audits and welfare criteria. More details are available here.

Food for thought …