“Just one small thing” for January

OneSmallThing - Jan 2024

Ideas towards living more sustainably and saving some money

Buriton is connecting with other local groups including villages between Petersfield and Midhurst who are encouraging people to join them by taking a step or two towards living more sustainably, and maybe saving some money. 

During 2023 there were regular “Tweaks of the Month” for people to try with the aim that, if lots of people did a little, it would add up to a lot.  

For the new year there’s now a new format “Just one small thing …” with encouragement for us all to “Let’s do more in ’24!” 

The first instalment encourages us to choose one of the following in January:

  • reduce our energy and/or water use
  • grow our own
  • take water from home
  • find a milkman
  • buy second hand
  • travel by bus once a month.