Providing mobile phones


On one of our early visits to Dominase, thanks to village connections with (and the generosity of) Corporate Mobile Recycling Ltd, we were able to take a number of recycled mobile phones with us.

In a part of the world where there are no land-line telephones, mobile phones can change things very dramatically. Where people had to make a dangerous journey in the past if they wanted to talk to a friend or to a business contact, they can now do it from their home, shop or farm - saving time that could be more profitably used working.

Small businesses can contact suppliers much more easily, keep in contact with market prices and, when they need to transport goods, they can now simply make a call to arrange this instead of having to go in person.

We took a number of recycled mobile phones to Ghana, connected them to the local network provider, gave them to key contacts in Dominase (and in each of its out-station villages) and provided some basic training in their use.