New project to help teenage girls in Ghana

Rosina in Dominase

Many miss too many school lessons 

Scores of teenage girls in Buriron’s sister community of Dominase in rural Ghana miss many of their school lessons because of their menstrual periods.

To help with this big problem, Buriton’s Village-to-Village Group has commenced a trial at two secondary schools involving about 30 girls.

Many girls in rural Ghana cannot access or afford expensive products and this can lead to them missing one week in every four of their teenage school career.

Missing a quarter of their time at school can have a major impact on their educational attainment, their confidence and self-esteem and so Buriton’s small charity link has been searching for ways to help.

The Village-to-Village Group has now teamed up with ‘Girls Club Ghana’ (a small charity in Ghana) to help adolescent girls.

In October the GCG team visited Dominase and helped girls learn about menstruation hygiene and make their own, relatively cheap, sustainable period products. 

Money from Buriton also paid for the materials for the products and a workbook to help the girls learn more about their periods.

Over the next six months the girls will make, use and care for their own period products with the aim of helping them attend school more often.

If successful, and if enough money can be raised in Buriton, it’s hoped that the programme can be run at all the Junior High Schools in the area – helping hundreds of girls every year.

Buriton’s Group also helps Dominase in other ways but is always looking for help with fund-raising and support. 

The next big fund-raising event is the Barn Dance in the magnificent Ditcham Tithe Barn on Saturday 27th January (7pm to 11pm): click here. There will be live music from the popular Rampagers and a cash bar. People can pay on-line by transferring money to the Charity’s Bank Account or by contacting Sarah Osman via

Thanks to the generosity of a local sponsor, every penny of money raised for Buriton’s Village-to-Village Charity is spent ‘on the ground’ in Dominase - none of it is spent on any sort of administrative costs. And all the income for the Barn Dance will be kindly matched: doubling the scope of what can be achieved.