Learning about Lichens

Lichen event

Eyes opened to a completely new world!

Despite an occasional shower of rain, a small group from the Petersfield Area Lichen Enthusiasts revealed a fascinating new world to about fifteen villagers in St Mary’s churchyard in March.

Lichens are found in a variety of colours, a range of shapes & sizes, and they grow at the North Pole, the South Pole and everywhere in between. They are not a single organism but are a fascinating mixture of a fungus and algae. 

As well as explaining lichens, the PALE team recorded details of everything that they found. They were delighted to identify over 50 species, some of which had not been recorded in Buriton before. They felt that it was a very productive field trip.

All the villagers who joined the event really enjoyed it as well: providing an opportunity to begin to learn about and appreciate lichen; and highlighting a whole new world to explore.