Help with education and schooling


Children in Dominase are not fortunate to have many of the educational aids that we take for granted. Pens, pencils, paper, books and school uniforms are all very expensive for poor families. Without any electricity in their schools, most children can only learn computer skills by looking at books with pictures of keyboards.

But all the children seem to be very keen to learn and we have tried to help by providing basic materials, support and ideas.

Buriton Primary School has links with the Marfo School in Dominase, Milton Park Junior School in Portsmouth has also raised money for Dominase and Ditcham Park School commenced a link with the Besease DA School in 2011.

We have also made sure that some of our other projects help with education and learning:

  • money raised in Buriton has helped to provide blocks of latrine toilets for five village schools. These now provide children with somewhere clean and safe to go to the toilet and, for teenage girls, it is likely to make an even bigger difference: giving them the confidence to go to school every day and thus get a better education
  • by providing extra wells and water supplies we have reduced the need for families to send their children to queue for water. More children are now able to attend school regularly. 

And we commenced in a major new education initiative in 2012 - focusing on providing extra reading books for all schools and on helping teachers obtain better training. Experts advised that supplementary reading books can make a big difference to children's opportunities to learn English at an early age - which opens the door to all subsequent learning of other subjects; and to a route out of poverty.  

These initiatives are now linked with annual inter-school reading competitions which are boosting enthusiasm to raise standards amongst children, teachers and parents. Support from Buriton helps to arrange these competitions with funding for prizes, food during the day-long events and the costs of travel for finalists to a different school each year.