Another successful morning in the Chalk Pits Nature Reserve


Buriton’s new Chalk Pits Ranger, Ashlea Walters, arranged another popular session in the Nature Reserve on 16 February – enticing participants with the usual tea, coffee and cakes.


The Chalk Pits has some wonderful flora, which is conserved through practical conservation efforts which would not be possible without local support.


The Nature Reserve benefits greatly every year from the work put in by local volunteers, resulting in a cared-for area which can be enjoyed by all.


The work done in the winter months (including clearing some scrub and undertaking some maintenance of paths) can then be seen through the spring, summer and autumn.


Ashlea explained that “Working from the ground up is key to successful conservation and hence much of our work helps to continue the cycle of flora growth: flora that is a vital part of (and supports) a complicated and beautiful range of wildlife, from slow worms to foxes, bats to bees.”


About a dozen volunteers worked in different parts of the Nature Reserve to restore access paths and clear scrub so that rare species can thrive.