A guided bat walk

Bat evening

Finding bats in their natural environment

A guided bat walk in the evening, providing an opportunity to see and hear bats in their natural environment.

It’s also hoped that we will be accompanied by a bat carer this year who can bring some of her permanent bats for people to see in a special container. 

These are bats that have been rescued but will never be fit for release and are now kept as ambassadors for educational purposes under her licence. 

This has proved popular elsewhere: helping to educate and enthuse people about bat conservation.

The walk will be taken at a leisurely pace and no previous experience is required. 

Please wear appropriate outdoor clothing and suitable footwear for muddy and uneven paths with some uphill parts.

With numbers for this event being limited, it is for parishioners, family and friends only. Further details (including the place and exact time to meet) can be obtained by using this contact form (https://www.buriton.info/form/contact) or by emailing info@buriton.info