Updates on significant planning proposals

Parish Council reactions, progress and outcomes.

The Parish Council considers all planning application in the parish (with details available via this website – see below) and there have been some large and significant ones in recent weeks.

The plans illustrated above indicate the location and size of a potential Telecommunications Structure which is being explored by EE Ltd in Kiln Lane. Planning Consultants wrote to nearby residents, to the village school and to the Parish Council giving people 14 days before a planning application is submitted. The Parish Council’s response (which draws upon principles summarised in the Winter edition of the Parish Magazine) is at the foot of this page and opportunities will be sought for ongoing involvement in the consideration of this proposal. The Agenda for the special meeting of the Parish Council on 11 March can be found here and the Parish Council's response to the planning application is also at the foot of this page. 

The Parish Council has been following proposals at the Butser Hill Lime Works very closely and pressing for changes to minimise potential adverse effects whilst obtaining benefits for the community in the restoration phase. This proposal (application SDNP/20/01535/FUL) has now been considered by the Planning Authority with the following outcomes: all work in the quarry must now finish by 2028 (instead of 2042) including restoration of the landscape to suitable natural vegetation as a potential extension to the Country Park; the company must retain, protect and enhance the historic old lime kilns (including providing interpretation boards so that visitors can learn about this aspect of Buriton’s local history where many parishioners worked); safety on the shared cycle / walking path (which links Petersfield with the QE Country Park) should be improved; and there will be better landscaping, biodiversity and recreational opportunities in the restoration scheme than originally suggested. These are felt to be significant successes for the Parish Council and for the local community. Membership of a new Liaison Group, which will exist until the end of an aftercare period, will also provide opportunities to continue to influence matters over the next few years. 

The proposals to change the Village Inn into a single dwelling are yet to be decided by the Planning Authority but the Parish Council’s response (attached at the foot of this page) was able to draw upon comments submitted by parishioners including those with expertise in planning law, hotel and tourism research, those who had assembled the community bid and business plan for the Village Inn in 2016 as well as from CAMRA, the National Park Authority’s ‘Visitor Accommodation Review’, the current tenant / business owner of The Five Bells and the former Partner Director, Shareholder and Chef Patron of the Village Inn.

Further details about plans by Metis Homes to build 10 new houses on the edge of the village are expected during February. Parish Council comments on draft proposals were submitted in November 2020 (see here) with an opportunity for anyone to have their say during December explained here.

The Parish Council considers all planning application in the parish with details posted on the Parish Council noticeboard and on this website prior to each meeting and with minutes of each meeting available here.