A group of villagers has organised a series of communal apple pressings this autumn. The thing is; many of us have an apple tree or two in the garden, but no access to a press – so much of the harvest goes to waste.

The idea is to bring your own apples, help mill and press them, and take away your juice. We are fortunate to have access to a couple of privately-owned presses in the area. No fee and no experience required. 

There are some ‘how-to’ guides about preserving juice, cider-making and other aspects of the craft at the bottom of this page.

If the pressings go well, we may also get together again around the New Year for a tasting. Who made the best juice and cider? Wassail the old apple tree and all that! 

And if the project proves popular, perhaps we should consider setting up a co-operative in future.

First point of contact if you want to get involved; 
Buzz Cousins
01730 263499