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Created: 17 March. Updated on 21 March, 22 March, 26 March, 30 March, 3 April, 9 April, 12 April, 15 April, 18 April, 23 April, 1 May, 7 May, 10 May, 20 May, 28 May, 4 June, 12 June, 22 June, 1 July, 11 July, 19 July, 29 July, 6 August, 12 August

Buriton’s shopping (and prescription collection) service to help our older residents, the vulnerable and anyone self-isolating continues to be available although, with the demand having fallen significantly following the relaxation of restrictions, the extra volunteering initiative has been suspended from 1st August: the usual Neighbourcare service remains. The message is: “we can still help”: just phone 07769 691919 or 01730 269034 or email pillmeadhouse@btinternet.com”. Huge thanks are due to Peter and J-M Nixon for all their work coordinating the services. The extra arrangements can be reinstated should the need arise.

Thank  you to everyone who is contributing to Buriton’s current ‘Time Capsule’ project, recording how lives have changed here during these extraordinary months of living through a global pandemic. Details of how to help are available by clicking here. Many communities are now doing something similar and the County Records Office in Winchester has also launched a project to capture people's experiences and reactions.

Guidance about the Government’s latest advice, updated to 13 August, which explains what we can and cannot now do can be found here.

Please try to make sure that people in the community who may not have access to the internet are aware of information on this website so that they can also tell others.

Keep using the Post Office: The postmaster who is currently providing the mobile van service (in the Village Inn car park: 12.30 to 2pm every Friday), is planning to continue the current temporary service for the time being. But his service (on the same day) is no longer required at Rake or Lavant and so the visits to Buriton and Greatham will be less viable. We are all encouraged to do what we can to ensure this service is supported as much as possible.

Playground re-opened – but caution required: The playground has been re-opened after safety checks and repairs. But there are new signs with important Coronavirus messages: in particular, it is the responsibility of all users to ensure good hygiene, adhere to Government guidelines and to note that use of the playground is at their own risk. A copy of the new sign can be found here. No trip to any playground can be quite as carefree as it was before COVID-19 and all parents will want to prepare their children mentally, helping them to understand and follow all new guidelines, discuss good hand hygiene, explain why people might be wearing masks and why adults might be staying closer to their children than normal. Parents will want to supervise their children more actively and be ready to intervene to minimise any risky behaviours. Like any other decision that people will be making at the moment, everyone will want to weigh the risks and benefits before visiting any playground. Anyone who has close contacts with elderly people, such as grandparents, or with vulnerable medical conditions will want to consider carefully whether or not they go to playgrounds. For those who choose to visit, there are things they can do before, during, and after every visit to minimise risks and there is more information about the reopening of Buriton’s playground on the community website, here

Petersfield Foodbank: The food bank continues to provide bags of food to families and individuals in difficulties who are referred by various statutory and voluntary agencies in the Petersfield area. Demand from the Foodbank remains high and all donations are welcomed. Goods can still be left with Liz Palmer at 6 Kiln Lane (labelled cardboard box in the porch or nearby if locked) or email Lizz.Palmer2@googlemail.com or phone 01730 266267. The news that it is mandatory to wear face coverings in shops and other indoor environments could cause another problem for people who are already suffering financially: could any makers of reusable masks please donate some to the food bank. If you have any questions about this please contact Terry Doubleday (Chair of the food-bank) by email: tdoubleday123@btinternet.com or mobile: 07837 030576. Updates about the Foodbank can be found via this website.

Update from the Five Bells: Don’t forget that, as well as the fantastic takeaway food service (delivered to your door) the pub has opened its beer garden. To enjoy a drink in the garden, call or email to book a table. Why not pop down for a drink and collect your pre-ordered meals?  The take away hot food service has been very popular and this will continue to be provided. Anyone wishing to book should just call 01730 263584 or email frances_vesey@btconnect.com

St Mary’s church: St Mary’s church is now able to open for people to go in to pray. It will be open on Mondays and Thursdays from 10am to 6.30pm. Those entering are asked to observe hand hygiene and proper distancing. There are instructions at the door. Some services are also beginning to be held back in the church with restrictions in place but this is a gradual change. Details will be provided on the St Mary’s website www.stmarysburiton.church

Peter Gray’s virtual village shop: Peter is still helping households with a range of produce that he is able to get from his suppliers: orders are taken twice each week for delivery the following day. More details of the range of meat, veg and pantry products are available on the community website but if there is something that is not on the list, please ask Peter as the suppliers may be able to provide. To order, email peter1965gray@gmail.com or phone 07926 264440. Peter will let you know when your order is ready for collection.

Parish Magazine available on-line: During the Coronavius pandemic an on-line version has been produced in addition to the usual hard copy versions delivered to every household in the parish. The on-line version of the Magazine is available by clicking here

Pre-booking for Household Waste Recycling Centres: with high levels of demand for the Waste Recycling Centre in Bedford Road, Petersfield, the County Council has implemented a ‘pre-booking only’ system. Book a 30-minute slot up to 48 hours in advance via this on-line address: www.hants.gov.uk/wasteandrecycling/recyclingcentres/book-appointment or phone 023 8017 9949.  The District Council’s bulky waste collection service has re-started and bookings can be made by calling 01730 234295 (for more information visit www.easthants.gov.uk/bulky-waste-collection)

History from Home: a series of fun downloadable family activities (including colouring sheets, town trails, digital talks and virtual tours) are now being provided by the Petersfield Museum to help keep everyone entertained and informed during these strange times. Details of all these activities can be found via: www.petersfieldmuseum.co.uk/history-home

Please keep dogs under close control: in the past few weeks the Police have seen a large increase in dogs chasing and attacking livestock in Hampshire. One person in East Hampshire has recently paid £1,250 compensation after their black Labrador chased and killed five lambs. Please keep dogs under close control or on a lead at all times as livestock may still be tending their young.

The South Downs National Park Authority has assembled an interactive map which provides information on local food and drink suppliers as a way of assisting local businesses and helping people find sources of supplies without having to travel far from their homes.

The Petersfield Resource Hub also has a useful website with ideas of where to find “Help, Food and Happiness” during this crisis.

Sadly, as well as bringing the best out of most people, the virus outbreak is also bringing the worst out of a few with the Police alerting us to a number of scams (see pdf document at the bottom of this pageand some people misusing some of our local countryside and Rights of Way. The National Cyber Security Centre has launched a campaign which includes Government advice and good practice about how to stay secure online during coronavirus.

There is also some new coronavirus advice about steps that you might like to take if considering letting a tradesperson or engineer work in your homehere: points you might wish to consider and how you can protect your household etc.

The District Council is calling on people not to light garden bonfires and to keep noise to a minimum. They explain that with so many people staying at home it is even more important that everyone is respectful and considerate towards others living nearby. Smoke can have serious effects on people with medical conditions such as asthma and heart disease – and it is particularly important that people don’t attempt to get rid of household waste by burning it, as this is likely to release toxic gases. For any concerns about environmental issues, contact the EHDC team on 01730 234360 or through the website www.easthants.gov.uk.

The EHDC website (www.easthants.gov.uk/coronavirus) provides information about other council services). Hampshire County Council has also created a dedicated section on its website for service updates regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic – not just its own services but also other helpful information and advice: visit Hants.gov.uk. They have also published handy hints about not wasting any of your food (and saving you money!): click here. 

Broadband and mobile networks are under increased demand with many families online together during the day for home working and schooling. Ofcom has provided some tips to help everyone stay connected.

Videocalls are still an easy way to stay in touch during social-distancing. There are many videoconferencing platforms available but ‘Zoom’ seems to be very popular. Some guidance notes about using Zoom have kindly been produced for the community by Greg Ford and they can be accessed hereAge UK has also developed some guidance on using video calling which might be helpful for anyone who hasn’t used a video call device before.

More information will be added to this site as / when available.

Please continue to make sure that friends and neighbours who do not have access to the internet are aware of relevant information so that they can also tell others.

And, if you feel that you can offer any help, in any way, no matter how small you can also contact us via info@buriton.info 

Coronavirus spreads easily.   Please take precautions: follow all the national advice including avoiding physical contact and washing your hands regularly.