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Created: 17 March. Updated on 21 March, 22 March, 26 March, 30 March, 3 April, 9 April, 12 April, 15 April, 18 April, 23 April, 1 May, 7 May, 10 May, 20 May, 28 May, 4 June, 12 June, 22 June, 1 July

Buriton’s shopping (and prescription collection) service to help our older residents, the vulnerable and anyone self-isolating continues to be available. The message is: “we can still help”: just phone 07769 691919 or 01730 269034 or email pillmeadhouse@btinternet.com”.

Thank  you to everyone who is contributing to Buriton’s current ‘Time Capsule’ project, recording how lives have changed here during these extraordinary months of living through a global pandemic. Details of how to help are available by clicking here. Many communities are now doing something similar and the County Records Office in Winchester has also launched a project to capture people's experiences and reactions.

Guidance about the Government’s latest advice, updated to 24 June, which explains what we can and cannot now do can be found here.

Please try to make sure that people in the community who may not have access to the internet are aware of information on this website so that they can also tell others.

St Mary’s church is now able to open for people to go in to pray. It will be open on Mondays and Thursdays from 10am to 6.30pm. Those entering are asked to observe hand hygiene and proper distancing. There are instructions at the door. For those with access to the internet, some services are being held via Zoom. If you would like to join, please email the Parish Priest (parishpriest@stmarysburiton.co.uk) and a link will be sent out prior to the service. The website for the church can be found via: www.stmarysburiton.church

A mobile Post Office is now visiting the village every Friday (12.30-2pm in the Village Inn car park) and is able to offer most PO services, including cash withdrawal, top ups, mail etc. It will be important that social distancing measures are adhered to by everyone – or the Post Office may be forced to remove Buriton from this new service.

Update from the Five Bells: after being limited to a takeaway service for the last few months, the pub will be taking advantage of the relaxation of lockdown from 4 July by opening its lovely beer garden. There will be the usual selection of live ales, lagers and ciders on tap. To enjoy a drink in the garden you will need to call or email to book a table and your contact details will need to be retained for a limited time. The take away hot food service has been very popular and this will continue to be provided for the foreseeable future: you can either have your food delivered to your door, or Fran can prioritise table space in the garden for those who wish to order a take away, come and pick it up and enjoy a drink first. Anyone wishing to book should just call 01730 263584 or email frances_vesey@btconnect.com.  Opening hours for drinks in the garden will be Thursday to Saturday from 4pm each afternoon. Take away food service will continue to be offered Tuesdays to Saturdays from 5.30pm and Traditional Sunday lunches offered 12pm to 5pm. Clubs and groups can arrange coffee mornings by booking in advance too.  Drinks and ice creams can be served to take away for those out and about in Buriton with opening hours advertised at the foot of the driveway.  If you would like to be kept up to date with daily food offers and opening hours you can join Fran’s daily emailing list by sending your details to france_vesey@btconnect.com. Fran also wants to thank all the wonderful customers who have been ordering food over the last few months: “Your support has kept your community pub going and set us in good stead to go forward in these strange times and keep on trading and serving you all from what is your very own Country Pub.”

News about the village hall and playground: Although the Government is now permitting some playgrounds and community halls to re-open after 4 July, they have issued guidance which in places is very detailed and onerous for small communities and elsewhere is rather vague. It is not yet possible to open these facilities in Buriton but more information is available here. The Recreation Ground remains open but must not yet become a place for groups of people to congregate or play.

Help for the Foodbank: the food bank continues to provide bags of food to families and individuals in difficulties who are referred by various statutory and voluntary agencies in the Petersfield area. Demand from the Foodbank remains high and all donations are welcomed. Current shortages include: small bags of sugar; hot chocolate & coffee; tins of pasta; shampoo & soap; savoury biscuits; custard & rice pudding; jams and spreads; tinned fruit; dried couscous and noodles; tinned fish; and savoury treats. Goods can still be left with Liz Palmer at 6 Kiln Lane (labelled cardboard box in the porch or nearby if locked) or email Lizz.Palmer2@googlemail.com or phone 01730 266267. Updates about the Foodbank can be found via this website

Peter Gray is still running his virtual village shop: placing orders for food twice a week through his suppliers to help the community in these strange times. He does not hold lots of stock as this service is particularly to help those who struggle to get out of the village or are self-isolating. The system involves ordering on Monday or Thursday before 3pm for collection the next day. An initial list of supplies is attached at the bottom of this page but if there is something that is not on the list, please ask as the suppliers may be able to provide. Prices are inevitably fluid due to the market. To order, email peter1965gray@gmail.com or phone 07926 264440. Peter will let you know when your order is ready for collection

The Village Inn: the Parish Council has been informed of an official “intention to sell” notification – something that the current owners are required to do as the premises are registered as an Asset of Community Value and the property remains for sale. This provides the community with a period of time (up to 20th November 2020) to consider whether or not they wish to bid to buy the business.  Whilst the Parish Council will not be committing any expenditure in any such bid, anyone interested in assembling a community initiative can contact the Parish Clerk for further information about the processes and procedures involved: buritonparishcouncil@hotmail.co.uk. Chris also explains that, “with a heavy heart we have taken the very difficult decision not to open the pub on 4th July. We are very disappointed that we can’t provide a service for the villagers, but as I am sure everyone will appreciate, the last 3-months have been extremely challenging for us and for most hospitality businesses. We’ll continue to review the viability of re-opening and ensure that this is at the right time for our staff and our customers, and keep you all updated. We also think it’s right that The Five Bells, after having done so well with their take-away and delivery service, are given every opportunity during this incredibly difficult time and please give them your support if you can”.

The Beechwood Café at the Queen Elizabeth Country Park is now open for takeaway food and refreshments; 10am-4pm; cashless payments only. Visitors are urged to follow social distancing guidelines to protect everyone.

Please keep dogs under close control: in the past few weeks the Police have seen a large increase in dogs chasing and attacking livestock in Hampshire. One person in East Hampshire has recently paid £1,250 compensation after their black Labrador chased and killed five lambs. Please keep dogs under close control or on a lead at all times as livestock will be tending their young at this time of year.

Pre-booking is now required for Household Waste Recycling Centres: with high levels of demand for the Waste Recycling Centre in Bedford Road, Petersfield, the County Council has implemented a ‘pre-booking only’ system. Book a 30-minute slot up to 48 hours in advance via this on-line address: www.hants.gov.uk/wasteandrecycling/recyclingcentres/book-appointment or phone 023 8017 9949.  The District Council’s bulky waste collection service has re-started and bookings can be made by calling 01730 234295 (for more information visit www.easthants.gov.uk/bulky-waste-collection)

Buriton’s virtual Art Trail is still available online: take a look at what local artists and makers have been doing in the past few months. If anything catches your eye, work can be purchased without having to enter a shop: www.buritonarttrail.co.uk

History from Home: a series of fun downloadable family activities (including colouring sheets, town trails, digital talks and virtual tours) are now being provided by the Petersfield Museum to help keep everyone entertained and informed during these strange times. The first of the programme of free talks takes place on 2nd July.  Details of all these activities can be found via: www.petersfieldmuseum.co.uk/history-home

Butser Ancient Farm will be reopening to welcome pre-booked visitors on selected days and times from Saturday 4th July. Click here for details.

And lots more on-line activities and videos (including how to grow veg, how to meditate, do calligraphy etc) have recently been made available on-line by the RVS:  click here.

Since the Prime Minister’s announcement stating that there are no restrictions on how far people can travel to get to the countryside, both the South Downs National Park and the Hampshire Police have issued guidelines to try to encourage people to behave responsibly:

  • The National Park regularly updates its website and asks visitors to follow the “three Rs” by exercising restraint, responsibility and respect so as to protect themselves and others. They also point to two Government videos: a ‘stay safe outdoors video’ and a ‘countryside code video’.
  • Hampshire Police also hope that everyone will “continue to do their bit and follow the guidance”. They say that their priority will still be “to reduce the spread of this infection and protect the NHS”. They stress that “personal responsibility is now key” and say that police officers will be focusing on activities that remain prohibited (including unlawful gatherings, travelling to visit others in their homes) whilst using discretion to determine what’s reasonable before issuing fines of £100.

Damage and dumping

  • The County Council has been shocked and disappointed by the amount of damage being done in one of our Local Nature Reserves (the Buriton chalk pits) and by the fly-tipping of a load of bin bags at the top of Kiln Lane (Halls Hill) recently: with the examination the contents (mostly food waste and nappies) proving that they had come from a house in the village. The family has apparently been reported to the District Council – and fines can be imposed. The Councils have been clear from the start of the virus outbreak that they will prioritise the collection of domestic waste (green bin) and they ask everyone to put their bins out as normal on the scheduled collection day – and to leave it out all day as the crews may be running later than usual.
  • In the Chalk Pits Nature Reserve the County Council found trees and branches sawn off, big holes dug and mounds formed to create jumps for cyclists. Special mats, placed there as part of a study of reptiles, had been moved (and some of them burnt) – and cycle tracks are spoiling the area. New signs have been put up on the main bridleway through the site to make it clear that cycling is not allowed elsewhere in the Nature Reserve as this little part of Buriton is home to some very rare species and damage could mean that they are lost for ever.

Beware “black-bin raiders”: it won’t always be possible for the refuse bins to be collected promptly and some may stand by the roadside, overnight …  Fraudsters are always on the look-out for personal details on recycled papers from which they can conduct Identity Fraud. Please be vigilant and remove personal details from black bin waste. There has been at least one suspicious incident of this nature in the parish recently.

Videocalls are an easy way to stay in touch during the lockdown. There are many videoconferencing platforms available but ‘Zoom’ seems to be popular at the moment. Some guidance notes about using Zoom have kindly been produced for the community by Greg Ford and they can be accessed hereAge UK has also developed some guidance on using video calling which might be helpful for anyone who hasn’t used a video call device before.

We are fortunate to be living in our attractive location and residents are increasingly finding more ways of enjoying and learning about our environment:

  • In this clear weather there are also great opportunities to look at our wonderful Dark Night Skies. There are a range of apps that can be helpful, including these that are free: SkyView Free and Star Chart with equivalent ones for Androids including SkyView Free, Sky Map and Star Chart.
  • Abigail McKern is filming some delightful local walks and posting them onto her YouTube channel “Walking With Poetry” here and
  • If you’d like to find out a bit more about our local history, then the Buriton Heritage Bank holds lots of information about life in the parish in years gone by and is well worth dipping into via: www.buriton.org.uk and http://buriton.org.uk/history/

The South Downs National Park Authority has assembled an interactive map which provides information on local food and drink suppliers as a way of assisting local businesses and helping people find sources of supplies without having to travel far from their homes.

The Petersfield Resource Hub now also has a useful website with ideas of where to find “Help, Food and Happiness” during this crisis.

Sadly, as well as bringing the best out of most people, the virus outbreak is also bringing the worst out of a few with the Police alerting us to a number of scams (see pdf document at the bottom of this page) and some people misusing some of our local countryside and Rights of Way.

The National Cyber Security Centre has launched a campaign which includes Government advice and good practice about how to stay secure online during coronavirus.

There is also some new coronavirus advice about steps that you might like to take if considering letting a tradesperson or engineer work in your home, here: points you might wish to consider and how you can protect your household etc.

The District Council is calling on people not to light garden bonfires and to keep noise to a minimum. They explain that with so many people staying at home it is even more important that everyone is respectful and considerate towards others living nearby. Smoke can have serious effects on people with medical conditions such as asthma and heart disease – and it is particularly important that people don’t attempt to get rid of household waste by burning it, as this is likely to release toxic gases. For any concerns about environmental issues, contact the EHDC team on 01730 234360 or through the website www.easthants.gov.uk.

The EHDC website (www.easthants.gov.uk/coronavirus) provides information about other council services). Hampshire County Council has also created a dedicated section on its website for service updates regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic – not just its own services but also other helpful information and advice: visit Hants.gov.uk. They have also published handy hints about not wasting any of your food (and saving you money!): click here. 

Broadband and mobile networks are under increased demand with many families online together during the day for home working and schooling. Ofcom has provided some tips to help everyone stay connected.

More information will be added to this site as / when available.

Please continue to make sure that friends and neighbours who do not have access to the internet are aware of relevant information so that they can also tell others.

And, if you feel that you can offer any help, in any way, no matter how small you can also contact us via info@buriton.info 

Coronavirus spreads easily.   Please take precautions: follow all the national advice including avoiding physical contact and washing your hands regularly.