BBC Countryfile visits Buriton

The BBC spent almost a full day in the parish on Thursday 16th February as part of a programme which is planned to be shown on Sunday March 5th.

The filming was part of a special feature about the Dark Night Skies of the South Downs National Park and Buriton was selected because of the quality of the darkness here.

The BBC team, with presenter Helen Skelton, spent much of the morning in the Chalk Pits Nature Reserve, discovering a range of night-flying moths that had been trapped overnight. As with many other species of nocturnal wildlife, light pollution from a range of sources can cause them to become disorientated, able to collect less food and threatening their chances of reproducing.

After a short piece of filming around the village pond the team travelled to the top of Butser Hill and then on to the Clanfield Observatory before returning to the Halls Hill car park to film a small preview of the community's star-gazing party.