Chalk Pits Conservation Morning

Another opportunity to learn in our Local Nature Reserve.

Buriton’s new Chalk Pits Ranger, Ashlea Walters, will be leading a short conservation morning from 9.30am to about 1pm on Saturday 22 June.

Come along to the small quarry pit area (along the path from the old chalk wagon) – even if just for an hour or so. Tea, coffee and cake will be available as usual!

The Chalk Pits has some wonderful flora and fauna, which is conserved through practical conservation efforts which would not be possible without local support.

Ashlea will be using this session to begin some important reptile surveys – and she’d like villagers to be involved.

It's a simple method, putting out bits of roofing felt in reptile-friendly areas, waiting two weeks and then starting to check them to see what is found. The roofing felt warms up quite gradually but also cools down quite slowly so reptiles are drawn to it for basking.

Ashlea explains that if this is done each year we can build up information that can help up look at our management of our special habitats. We may find lizards and slow worms. And if any of the top predators are present then this will indicate that the rest of the wildlife around them will be happy – and that we have a healthy and well-managed Nature Reserve.