War Memorial Ballot – please have your say

A pack of information (including voting slips) was recently delivered to every household in the parish with the heading “2018 Armistice Commemoration”.

The Parish Council is keen to encourage as many parishioners as possible to respond so that the most appropriate decision can be made about what to do.

The deadline for responses is Monday 2nd October and there are two votes per household (on the special, red, paper).

Ballot papers can be returned with comments, suggestions etc.

Residents should put their voting slips into the envelope and can either:

  • Leave outside your house (early) for collection on Monday 2nd October or
  • Take to the special collection boxes in the church, Five Bells or Village Inn by the end of Monday 2nd October.

The ballot is completely anonymous and, as this is a very important issue for the village, we need as many replies as possible.

The Chairman of the Parish Council, Tim Concannon, emphasises that “no decision will be made at anything other than a public meeting to which people can contribute.”

Please have your say.