Villagers love the Links

Posted on Sat, 20/05/2017 - 9:30am

Eighteen willing volunteers helped cut back areas of overgrown scrub and brambles in The Links on Sunday 14 May to improve the appearance of Buriton’s secret valley and help local farmer, Susan Shone.

Due to wet weather in recent years and new regulations affecting farmers, Mrs Shone had been unable to keep the Links looking as beautiful as she would like.


And her cattle had turned their noses up and refused to wander down the valley because the overgrown conditions failed to offer enticing food.


Susan plays a great part in community events every year with her popular Bluebell Walks, Farm Teas for Senior Citizens and Open Days for School Visits. It was a nice ‘thank you’ from villagers to help her cut back so much unwanted vegetation.


And Susan provided some of her delicious refreshments for all the volunteer workers with thirst-quenching drinks and home-made cakes.