Village Inn for sale

Parish Council seeks views from interested parties

The Parish Council has been informed that the owners of the Village Inn have advised East Hampshire District Council (EHDC) of their intention to sell the business and premises.


Some years ago the Parish Council successfully applied to EHDC so that both the village pubs are now listed as ‘Assets of Community Value’ (ACV). This status means that the community gets an opportunity to consider making a bid for the asset.


This opportunity only lasts for a relatively short period of time and the Parish Council will be considering the matter at its meeting on 28 January. Unless, in the meantime, the Parish Council is made aware of any serious interest from members of the community wishing to contemplate making a bid for the business, it is likely that the Parish Council will notify EHDC of a lack of interest of potential bidders so that a sale on the open market can continue.


More information about the ACV process can be obtained from EHDC’s Community Officer, John Geoghegan, via 01730 234184 or