Schoolchildren learn lessons from Dominase

Diamonds Class use Buriton’s link with Ghana to find out about “Ourselves and Our World”


Children in Years R and One got together for a morning in October to look at pictures from Dominase and to consider the conditions in which people live in other parts of the world.

The pictures inspired lots of questions and discussion about the quality of houses, water supplies, toilets and much more.

The contrasts between Buriton and Dominase with regard to the availability of reading books and classroom facilities was particularly marked.

As well as pictures, Buriton’s Village-to-Village charity was able to lend clothes and costumes to the school so that children could enjoy the bright colours and home-made materials that are common in Ghana.

And the explanation of where chocolate comes from helped to hold the attention of all the young children for much longer than might have been expected.

More details of Buriton’s link with Ghana are available here: