New ‘Careers Event’ helps hundreds of children – and their teachers

Buriton’s small Charity has big impact in rural Africa

A new idea was added to Buriton’s strong links with the rural community of Dominase in the far north of the Central Region of Ghana recently.

After months of planning during the Covid pandemic, the ‘Village-to-Village’ Group in our sister community held the first ever ‘Careers Event’ in this entire part of Ghana.

Developed with support from Buriton, the event was designed to help children consider which subjects to study in their last years at school.

In Ghana, when children are 14 they move from a Junior High School to a Senior High School and study only three subjects. But how do they know what to choose? Which subjects will help them into suitable jobs? Are children in rural schools even aware of the range of jobs that they could consider?

Buriton’s small charity assists 12 JHS Schools and this new event enabled about 350 children to hear from a range of speakers (a bank manager, a doctor, a teacher, a police officer and others) to help them consider their subjects and make good choices.

Feedback from Education Officials in Ghana suggests that it was great success. “The program has been very helpful, not only to the children but also to the teachers,” explained Emmanuel Kyei, a representative of the Ghana Education Service for the Upper Denkyira West District.

“As a result, teachers have encouraged their students to discuss with their parents the kind of subject areas they might choose before the deadline date.”

The District Director of the Ghana Education Service also attended the event and was also very happy. She has subsequently started to explore how she might be able to organise a similar event for students in other parts of the District. 

“Your program has been a motivation for the whole District,” added Emmanuel Kyei. “We thank you so much for your support.”

Funding from Buriton was provided to bring children from outlying villages and to pay for basic refreshments. 

Regular donations from villagers in Buriton also pay for an annual inter-school Reading Competition in the Dominase area which is also popular and successful (see here).

Thanks to the generosity of a local sponsor, every penny of money raised for this charity is spent ‘on the ground’ in Dominase – none of it is spent on any sort of administrative costs.

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