A hundred more families get their first ever household loo.

Posted on Tue, 11/04/2017 - 10:04am

Buriton's ‘Village-to-Village’ charity has helped yet more families improve their living conditions, reduce risks of diseases and obtain some privacy - often lacking for millions of people in Africa.

Villagers in Buriton's “adopted” community of Dominase, in Ghana, are seeing more and more improvements in the health of the population, particularly young children, as a result of Buriton's programme of sanitation projects.

This programme of support for sanitation, now in its sixth year, sees local families doing much of the hard work whilst money from Buriton pays for the relatively expensive materials such as bags of cement, roofing sheets and vent pipes.

The Buriton subsidy also pays a small wage to the skilled labourers (‘masons’) who have been trained as part of the programme and this helps to bring a bit more money into the local economy. 

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