Hot competition to find best reader

Scores of children took part in a reading competition under a hot African sun in Ghana recently to find the best readers in each age group

Buriton’s ‘Village-to-Village’ group sponsored another successful inter-school competition on Tuesday 12th June (the fifth annual event) by providing prizes for all the winners and also paying for the costs of meals and of the transport to get all the children to the venue.

Twelve primary schools took part in the competition - an initiative inspired by Buriton's work with the Local Education Authority in the area.

Each school selected its best reader, boy or girl, in each of their six age-based classes and these children were then all brought together to be tested in front of a special panel of judges in Breman, near to Dominase.

The overall winners (first, second and third in each of the age groups) received their awards in front of cheering crowds and the award for the best school, the Morley Trophy, was presented to the Marfo School, Dominase.

The competition was organised to accompany Buriton’s wider support for education in Dominase. Thousands of Supplementary Reading Books have been provided to schools in the area and dozens of teachers have been supported through official teacher-training courses.

Thanks to the generosity of a local sponsor, every penny of money raised for this charity is spent ‘on the ground’ in Dominase - none of it is spent on any sort of administrative costs.

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