Hitting the Cold Spots - Helping Households Stay Warm and Well

Posted on Fri, 04/08/2017 - 5:11pm

East Hampshire District Council has alerted the Parish Council to the “Hitting the Cold Spots” initiative which can help people with heating problems and help find funding

Although many households feel relieved to leave their winter heating worries behind during the warmer summer weather, there are people who are still dealing with last winter’s bills or who are concerned about how they will manage next winter.

The Hitting the Cold Spots service is available all year round to help individuals and families in the Hampshire County Council area.

The service is managed by the Environment Centre (tEC) in Hampshire. They can help people with problems about heating – and the service is particularly useful for vulnerable residents. The service can help people find funding to ensure they have working heating systems etc.

The service can provide practical support and detailed advice on staying warm and well at home, including home visits from skilled Advisors. For eligible households, the support covers:

  • Emergency heating;
  • Funding for heating or hot water systems;
  • Small grants to help cope with winter emergencies;
  • Energy bill and tariff switching advice; and
  • Money savings tips.

For more information about the scheme and help available, see here: https://www.hants.gov.uk/socialcareandhealth/adultsocialcare/coldspots