Help our Hospital Heroes

Please help with pictures and messages of support

A Buriton resident who is a Director at the QA Hospital in Portsmouth (and heavily involved in the Covid situation) would welcome posters, pictures and messages of support to help boost the morale of staff.

Steve Thomas explains that similar messages received during the first peak still line the hospital walls and continue to be a great source of encouragement at a time when all staff are under immense strain in all hospital wards/units.

New messages coming in, saying ‘still thinking of you’ are also really helping so that staff don’t feel forgotten – a significant boost to morale.

Arrangements have been made so that any contributions can be left in a labelled box at the Five Bells: under a table just outside the main door.

Steve will take all the drawings and messages of support to the hospital and ensure that they are put up in prominent positions and circulated around the wards.

There is no need for complex pieces of artwork ... even simple words are appreciated so that staff know they still have support and that people are thinking of them.

Please encourage children of all ages, family and friends to help so that we provide Steve and all his hard-working colleagues with a Big Buriton Boost.

There may also be a need for some extra volunteers at the QA Hospital (to run errands etc for which there simply aren’t currently enough staff to undertake). A DBS check will be needed and more details (with a contact email address) should be available soon. Might you be interested in helping in this way?