Providing clean, safe water in Dominase

There is no running water in this part of Ghana and only a few boreholes and wells. The local river, often used for washing, is very dirty and can cause chronic disease and death. The Village-to-Village Groups in Buriton and Dominase therefore agreed that an early priority should be helping to improve supplies of clean water.

Using advice from Wateraid, we encouraged villagers in Dominase to set up a special residents committee, to undertake a survey of places where they might be able to find water and to identify some 'in country' experts who would be able to help them construct wells.

We also helped by raising money to finance some of the costs of providing the wells. The villagers in Dominase undertook all the hard work themselves, digging the 20-30 ft wells by hand - but our money helped pay for the materials needed to line the wells and to provide the pumps required.

Our initial target was to raise £2,000 - enough to construct one well, line it with pre-cast concrete and fit it with a pump. But, thanks to generous support from local businesses and villagers, we raised over £5,000 from a sponsored ?Walk for Water? along the South Downs. This has meant that it has been possible to construct two new wells and a deep borehole - each capable of serving hundreds of people.

As well as saving lives, clean water can mean that more children go to school and more women can work etc.