Crime and vandalism in Buriton

Can you help solve or reduce these incidents?

There has been a recent spate of acts of vandalism and thefts from cars – please tell people to spread the word / increase awareness, keep eyes open for any suspicious behaviour and report things to the Police:


  • During the daytime on Tuesday 4th September, a car parked in Heatherfield was seriously scratched (by keys or sharp objects) – for the third time in about a week.  At least 2 other cars parked in Heatherfield have been deliberately damaged in this way in the past and on more than one occasion
  • Also on Tuesday, between 11:00 - 15:15 at Halls Hill car park, Kiln Lane, offenders smashed the rear window and front passenger window of a vehicle and removed items. If you have any information in relation to this incident please dial 101 and quote reference 44180334741
  • And at about 4am on Sunday morning there was an attempt to break into two cars in North Lane: residents were alerted by a car alarm and heard someone running away towards the village.


These are in addition to another act of vandalism when a car parked in the church / pond car park was deliberately damaged during the night at the end of August.


 All these incidents have been reported to the Police.


These incidents are not just worrying (and expensive) for those directly involved but can affect the whole community more widely.


As well as the 101 telephone service the Police are setting up a new online reporting system for members of the public to use:


The Parish Council discussed the local crime situation at its last meeting and is arranging for a Police representative to attend the next Council meeting.


If you have any ideas about any of these matters, please make them known.