COVID-19 Vaccination Programme Briefings

Important information from Hampshire’s NHS

Briefings about the Covid-19 vaccination programme in Hampshire will be attached at the bottom of this page and updates are available on this website.

On 22 January the Parish Council received a copy of an informative briefing note about the Covid-19 vaccination programme in Hampshire.

The note is attached at the foot of this web-page and includes information about prioritisation and the local delivery programme.

Although dated 8 January, much of the information and guiding principles are likely to be of interest to parishioners.

The briefing note asks everyone to note these key messages:

  • Please don’t contact the NHS to seek a vaccine, they will contact you
  • When they do contact you, please attend your booked appointment
  • Please continue to follow all the guidance to control the virus and save lives.

The chair of the local Primary Care Network has recently explained the following:

  • Local arrangements are well organised and are able to respond at very short notice to deliveries of vaccine
  • This is why patients may be asked to come for a jab at short notice
  • Please do not contact your surgery as they will contact you when they have vaccine for you
  • If you are concerned that you may have been missed out on your turn, then please use the online surgery contacts to alert your doctor and wait for them to get back to you
  • Phoning your surgery must be a last resort as they are very, very busy at this time.

An additional briefing note (dated 12 February) has also been received and is also attached below.