‘Bygone Buriton’ Calendar for 2018 – last chance to order

There’s a new twist to the calendar for 2018 – but it’s an old twist: “Bygone Buriton”

Each month will provide a picture of the parish from a bygone era – photographs from across the last century.


And, as usual, at about 8 by 12 inches (A4 size), each page provides plenty of room to note all your commitments for next year.


Some sample pages are illustrated above – and a complete ‘sample’ copy (with an order form) can also be seen in the church.


The calendar is being ‘printed to order’ so please place your orders swiftly.


Simply phone Doug Jones (01730 231326) or Elaine Bray (01730 264278) or add your name to the list in the church.


The deadline for ordering is 20th November.


Calendars will be available for collection at the Buriton Xmas Market on Saturday 9th December.


Payment on receipt of calendars.