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Evacuated to Buriton

A fascinating account of life in Buriton during the Second World War

Gill Hamilton, now living in Perth, Australia, has recently sent details of her life in the village as an evacuee from 1939-45.

She had been living as a small child in Portsmouth before she came to live with Canon and Mrs Morley and about 18 other evacuees in Buriton Rectory.

‘Bygone Buriton’ – free Local History Exhibition

The annual local history exhibition will take place in the church (from 1pm) with lots of displays, photographs and information about life in the parish in years gone by.

There will be a particular focus on life 100 years ago as the First World War was drawing to an end – but we still want to find out more about what living conditions were like at those times, as well as finding out more about every one of the parishioners who took part. Can you help?


Reunions and recollections at the Bygone Buriton exhibition

Scores of visitors flocked to Buriton Village Hall on Saturday 24th September for the annual ‘Bygone Buriton’ exhibition – including families from across the country.

Once again there were some emotional reunions as people who had not seen each other in over forty years recognised old school friends.

Michael Harfield had travelled over 200 miles from North Wales to visit the exhibition – and to meet with other Buriton families now living in Nottingham, Leeds and Sussex.

But he was delighted to meet two other long-lost friends, Robert Baker and Maryann Carter, who had also taken part in the village’s Coronation Celebrations in 1953.