Latest news in Buriton

As well as the successful completion of a number of 'pilot' toilets for individual households in Dominase, the latrine block at the Marfo Junior Secondary School in Dominase has now been officially opened.

Over 20 villagers and friends spent an enchanting evening in the Buriton Chalk Pits Local Nature Reserve on Wednesday 11th May - and emerged much wiser about the distinctive bird songs of many of our local species.

Scores of parishioners and visitors from further afield came to the first Open Day in the Buriton Chalk Pits on Saturday 7th May. There was a range of activities for all age groups - enhanced by perfect weather conditions.

About 70 parishioners, family and friends were treated to a delightful stroll along farm paths not normally open to the public - including a magnificent show of bluebells and some impressive Early Purple orchids.

Over 100 villagers and friends have booked places for Buriton's popular antidote to ordinary Quiz Nights: Saturday 14th May, 7.30pm in Buriton Village Hall.