Successful village hay-day

Almost 50 people helped make this new community event both productive and fun

Lots of people had liked the long grass around the edges of the Recreation Ground which helps wildflowers and insects.

But this has to be cut at least once a year or else the grass forms a thick thatch and wildflowers can’t survive.

And then all the cuttings have to be removed to reduce soil fertility which is the key to helping more wildflowers in the future.

After the long grass had been cut, a very successful ‘Community Hay-Day’ was held on Saturday 18th September with almost 50 parishioners bringing rakes and wheelbarrows to remove the cuttings – all done in about two hours. And the raking itself should open up the grasses to allow more wildflowers

Hampshire County Council sent a small film team to record this innovative event – and they were all very impressed. Some of the filming is likely to be used to showcase the good work which has been started in Buriton this year and may be used as part of the County Council’s first Annual Climate Change Report, on their social media sites and on their webpages relating to Climate Change: to encourage other communities to take action, including helping pollinators as in Buriton.