Walkers: please be sensitive to ...

Posted on Mon, 11/07/2011 - 10:06am

This might not be the correct place to put this note but there we go!

Rare though they may seem to be, there are several types of snake that roam the parish during the summer.  The reason we see so few of them is that they are all scared of walkers and their dogs.  They are all harmless with the possible exception of the adder (or viper).  A dog was bitten by one recently;  she needed veterinary attention and recovered well.  The advice (with a small 'a' because it is very informal advice) is to thump your feet when walking in suspect areas.  It appears that snakes feel vibration more than they hear rustling grass, for example, and they will avoid it.  Wearing appropriate boots might be a good idea also (though not necessarily for dogs).  Proper advice on what to do in the very unlikely event that you do get bitten can be found on the web and at any local doctor's surgery.