Rights of Way: your parish needs your help

Motorised vehicles spoiling things for others

Amongst the Rights of Way and footpaths in our parish are a number of unsurfaced ‘Byways Open to All Traffic’ (BOATs): including The Milky Way and Mead Lane.

Motorised vehicles are allowed to use these routes, but the Parish Council has argued for many years that this discourages walkers and horse-riders as well as damaging the local environment.

Requests to the County Council to ban recreational vehicles have never been approved, even though this is done in other parts of the country, and so the Parish Council is joining forces with other nearby communities to try to obtain changes.

But clear evidence will be needed:

  • timed/dated/located photos of damage to BOATs by 4x4s/motorbikes: ideally, before and after damage;
  • close-ups of puddles, tyre tracks etc are not so good, as they could be anywhere;
  • timed/dated/located photos of convoys of 4x4s/motorbikes on BOATs;
  • diaries / logs of the use of BOATs by 4x4s/motorbikes and any adverse effect (e.g. noise nuisance);
  • details of complaints made in the past and any replies;
  • written statements about the enjoyment (and lack of fear) experienced on the routes before the increases in vehicular use – and any old photographs;
  • statements from walkers or horse-riders who have been affected by vehicles (either through fear of meeting vehicles on the narrow paths or actual experience of direct conflict).

Please send information to the Parish Council via Doug Jones at 17 Bones Lane, doug.pam@btinternet.com or phone 01730 231326 to discuss.