National Park urges people to avoid busy hotspots

Restraint, responsibility and respect to be observed in the South Downs

Although Government announcements state that there are now no restrictions on how far people can travel to get to the countryside, the South Downs National Park has issued guidance to try to influence behaviour.

The Park Authority is asking people to protect themselves, their families and local communities by avoiding busy hotspots, exploring quieter places, travelling by bike or walking, only parking in car parks and observing the three Rs of restraint, responsibility and respect.

Chief Executive Trevor Beattie urges people “to avoid popular visitor spots and be mindful of our dedicated farmers who have been keeping food supplies going during the pandemic." 

Visitors are being asked to observe:

  • Restraint in the distance travelled; the Government advice is still to stay at home as much as possible
  • Responsibility for not just your own health but the health of those around you by observing 2m social distancing at all times from those who are not members of your own household: if you arrive at a site that is already busy, please find an alternative
  • Respect for the communities visited and the wildlife of the National Park, particularly by avoiding visitor hotspots, respecting farmers’ land by sticking to the path, taking litter home and keeping dogs on a lead.

The National Park Authority also

  • Urges people to travel, wherever possible, by foot or bicycle
  • Stresses that if car parks are busy, please don’t park on the verges or block access roads
  • Asks people not to bring barbecues as the land is tinder dry and there is a fire risk.

Their full advice can be found at