New fundraising idea, don't throw away any mobile phones!

If you receive a new mobile phone for Christmas, please don't throw away the old one. It can be used to raise money for a good cause! James Raftery, 13, who lives in Buriton, has a scheme whereby old mobiles can be recycled. He will collect your old mobile and help raise money for our "Buy a Bog for Dominase" campaign.

He will also be raising funds for his World Challenge expedition to Montenegro next summer (an endurance challenge with a 5-day mountain climb and 50 miles rafting).

James and his friend Harrison have already raised £130 for Buriton's sister village of Dominase in Ghana with a sponsored read in September.

Now James is hoping to turn your unwanted phones into more cash for ?Buy a Bog?!

The phone doesn't have to work, and you don't even need the recharger. 

If you'd like to take part, you can email James and he will come and collect your phone. Please email

Thank you very much.