Buriton invited to take part in search for historic gems

The South Downs National Park Authority is encouraging community groups to "uncover the hidden historic gems of the local landscape" and volunteers from Buriton are already on board.

The aim of the three-year lottery-funded project, called 'Secrets of the High Woods', is to investigate the history of the Wooded downs through, newly acquired lidar data (a laser-beam survey conducted from aircraft), field survey in the woodlands , archival research and oral history collection.

Volunteers are now being sought to help with archaeological surveys on the ground - to reveal what secrets the laser-beam survey might reveal.

Buriton Village Association has offered to coordinate a group of volunteers to investigate those parts of the parish which have been included in the survey (east of the A3 Trunk Road)

There is more information about the overall National Park project here: http://www.southdowns.gov.uk/get-involved/secrets-of-the-high-woods

If you would like to join the group of volunteers to find out more about the hidden past of the parish, please contact Doug Jones (01730 231326 or doug.pam@btinternet.com)