Behind the scenes of War Horse

An audience of over sixty villagers and friends were highly entertained by Andrew Robertshaw's illustrated talk about 'The Making of War Horse' in October.

Mr Robertshaw had been a special military adviser on Steven Spielberg's film 'War Horse' and he provided a fascinating and amusing insight into the making of a major blockbuster movie - as well as unique knowledge about the role of horses in the conflicts of the First World War.

Filmed in exotic locations such as Luton and Wisley, Mr Robertshaw had worked on the script and research before spending most of the autumn of 2010 advising the production team.

He was even given the opportunity to appear in the film as a British officer - a very small scene that required seven re-takes!

He did, however, get to make one of the most evocative sounds of the First World War: blowing the whistle to signal the time for another wave of brave soldiers to go 'over the top'.