Buriton and the First World War

Action at home and abroad - 100 years ago

The local project which is finding out more about the impacts of the four-year conflict on life at home - and to find out what happened to each of the 193 men who left the parish to take part in the war - published its latest findings in the winter edition of the Parish Magazine.

Each edition of the Parish Magazine (from Autumn 2014 to November 2018) will be summarising activities and events of 100 years ago, season by season, as seen through local eyes.

The second instalment of this project, covering the period November 1914 to January 1915, can be downloaded as a pdf document at the foot of this page.

This instalment provides advice and guidance about how to find out about your family and the First World War

Research coordinated by the Buriton Village Association is looking at as many sources as possible but, almost inevitably, we cannot be absolutely certain about the exact location of any of the men from the parish on the battlefields at any specific time. If we have made any errors we apologise and we are always grateful to receive amendments.

If you know of anyone who might be able to help in any way, please let us know via heritage@buriton.org.uk