Apple pressing for the parish – watch this space

Do you grow apples, and always fancied getting some juice out of them – but never got around to it? Read more ...

A group of villagers are planning to organise collective apple-pressing days at harvest time, subject to covid restrictions.

The idea is: you bring your apples, you help pulp and press them, you take away your juice. No fee and no experience required. A fun activity for the kids too.

We’re still organising access to the kit we’ll need, and a suitable venue. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll keep you posted.

Ideally we’ll run several pressing days through harvest time in September and October. It should be open to all parishioners, as long as we can establish an adequate set-up.

If the pressing goes well, we could also get together again around the New Year for a tasting. Who made the best juice and cider? Wassail the old apple tree and all that! Joe Grundy would approve.

Contact Buzz Cousins: or 01730 263499