Work starts on latest school toilets in Dominase

Money from Buriton is now helping to provide scores of children with somewhere safe and clean to go to the loo during school time - which, in turn, should help to boost attendances

Children in the outlying hamlet of Adaboa, near to Dominase in the far north of the Central Region of Ghana, should soon have their first ever toilets.

At the moment boys and girls, like most of their families at home, have to squat in the bush around the village when they want to go to the loo.

Now, thanks to Buriton's link, all that can change - and all the children will be able to wash their hands thanks to a big tank which will collect rainwater from the roof.

Children, particularly girls, should be able to attend school more consistently as they know that they will have some privacy when needed. 

Villagers have already dug the large pit required for the KVIP latrine and cement blocks are being moulded to make all the walls.

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