“Take the Lead” and look after local livestock

Parishioners are being encouraged to help reduce the number of dog attacks that have killed and injured scores of sheep in the parish in recent years.

The South Downs National Park Authority is promoting responsible dog walking and hoping that dog owners will help their pets stay out of trouble.

The campaign recognises that ‘dogs will be dogs’ and that it’s in their nature to explore.

But, in order to keep them safe, it is recommended that dogs are put on leads whenever near livestock.

Even the friendliest pet can turn into a killer if natural instincts take over.

Sheep can drop dead from shock and pregnant ewes can abort their young if scared.

Farmers are legally allowed to shoot any dog that is chasing or harming their livestock.

The National Park’s “Take the Lead” campaign also warns about dangers from dog poo and encourages all owners to “bag it and bin it – any bin will do.”

More details of the National Park’s information and advice can be found via this website: Take the Lead campaign