Please help to avoid fires

Farmers are worried about fires in this extremely dry spell and hope parishioners can help - and avoid the risk of fires spreading to village homes and gardens.

With crops being tinder dry (and no sign of rain for the foreseeable future) it is feared that any spark could create a Buriton version of the Lancashire moor fires.

As well as refraining from having bonfires, it is suggested that people should take care when having BBQs and make sure that their used charcoal is disposed of carefully – and never thrown into fields!

With relatively poor water supply systems in parts of the parish it could be very difficult to put out any fires were they to start …

Many farm fires occur between spring and late summer due to carelessness by passers-by or trespassers but it is difficult for farmers to maintain secure boundaries when land adjoins public roads and paths.

Winds can easily spread embers to homes and gardens some distance from any blaze and so the risk of fires can affect everyone.

The authorities explain that 40% of farm fires are started deliberately, either as an act of mindless vandalism or arson – and, as well as destroying valuable materials, fires can threaten buildings, livestock, machinery, and human lives …

Other wildfires may have been caused by discarded cigarettes.

Any information regarding suspicious activity should be reported to police by calling 101 – or 999 in an emergency.

Please do anything that you can to help avoid farm fires.