Parish Council fights for bus service

It’s a lifeline and important for many other reasons …


Buriton Parish Council has sent a detailed response to Hampshire County Council’s consultation about cuts to bus services.


The County Council is looking to save over £1 million from its support to bus services from April 2019 – and to save another £1 million from its Concessionary Travel Scheme from the same date.


But, in its evidence to the County Council, the Parish Council stresses that the Service 94 bus (linking Buriton to Petersfield) is a lifeline for many parishioners – not just the elderly or those in affordable housing – and also points out that cutting bus services can have much wider ramifications for the County Council and its residents.


Changes to the bus service can have the unforeseen effect of trapping people in their own homes, leading to loneliness, depression and increases to the County Council’s Social Care costs.


And adverse effects on local businesses due to losses in trade (both in Buriton and Petersfield) are likely – with pubs and other facilities in the villages (and also shops and market traders in the town) likely to be affected.


There may also be reductions in visitor numbers (also affecting the local economy, overnight stays in B&Bs etc), effects on employment opportunities and increases in traffic on country lanes.


The Parish Council’s full response is available as a pdf document at the bottom of this page.