Helping vulnerable people in Buriton who are affected by the oil fuel shortage

If anybody identifies a person who is vulnerable and who may also be worried that their fuel supply is about to run out (or has run out), the following telephone number at HantsDirect will be staffed (24hrs) to coordinate this: 0845 603 5630 (Adult Services).

After 1700, any calls will be passed to the Out Of Hours Team.

The Emergency Planning Unit at Hampshire County Councils is working to identify anybody who may need assistance as well as procuring a number of electric heaters to distribute to those who need them.

The Unit stresses that we are not on the verge of a national oil shortage?.they are merely being proactive at this point in preparation for the extended duration of severe weather!

Please signpost those who are vulnerable and require assistance to the above number.

For anybody else who is running short on fuel, if they are not deemed vulnerable, they should be encouraged to seek alternative methods of heating or contact friends and family to assist.

Please use the number if you are concerned for the welfare of someone in the community.