Children in Buriton are disgusted

Buriton’s Nursery School and Primary School are hoping that irresponsible dog owners will pay attention to new posters around the village.

The problem of dog poo seems to have got worse in recent months – not just on the Recreation Ground but also in a number of other places – and so children have designed their own posters to get their messages across.

The Parish Council has also arranged for District Council officials to carry out patrols so that any irresponsible dog owners can be identified and encouraged to change their behaviour.

Any parishioners can also contact EHDC’s Animal Welfare Officers to alert them to offenders. Just send a message to or phone 01730 266551 and ask for the Animal Welfare Team or Dog Wardens.

It is not necessary to provide a name: it would be sufficient to tell them that, for example, a male living at 150 the High Street lets a dog stray or foul and fails to clear up after it.  

The District Council is likely to issue a warning letter but Fixed Penalty Notices are also available under the Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act 1996 with a fee of £50. 

If this is paid within fourteen days that is the end of the matter. If however it is not paid EHDC will prosecute the offender and a fine of up to £1,000 can be imposed in the Magistrates Court.

Let’s keep Buriton free of poo