"Love the Links" Day

Join a gaggle of villagers to help cut back some of the scrub and brambles followed by delicious coffee and cakes provided by Mrs Shone.

Due to wet weather in recent years and new regulations affecting farmers, Mrs Shone has been unable to keep the Links looking as beautiful as she would like.

She can't get any big equipment into the valley because of the slopes, she is no longer allowed to spray the weeds because of effects on the water supply in the stream and so the grass is not now attractive enough for her cattle to eat. She tried to encourage cattle into the Links from the northern end some time ago, but they refused to go as there was not enough to eat!

Can we help?

Susan plays a great part in community events every year with her popular Bluebell Walks, Farm Teas for Senior Citizens and Open Days for School Visits.

She is arranging for her workforce to attack some of the bigger brambles and scrub in the Links towards the end of April and would welcome some volunteers to tidy up and finish off the job on Sunday 14th May. There will be a ready supply of coffee and cakes; with squash, tea and juices for all members of the family!

It is hoped that we may also be able to get the County Council's volunteers to tidy the route of the footpath again later in the year.

We may not solve the problem in 2017 and may need to repeat these activities for the next couple of years. But if we can gradually remove the worst of the weeds and brambles, Susan may be able to entice her animals back into the valley and they will be able to eat the grass again and keep it looking lovely ?

Please put this date in your diaries and consider donating a couple of hours of effort to keeping this special bit of our countryside looking lovely.

The work will be focussed on the southern end of the Links (entrance near the Old Hop Kilns in Bones Lane) from 9.30am to 1pm. Wear old clothes and good footwear.