Parish Council

Police Appeal

Criminal damage to vehicles in the village

Police are appealing for witnesses and information following incidents of criminal damage to vehicles in Buriton over the last month. 

More kissing encouraged in Weston

The latest kissing gate in the Parish Council’s programme to gradually replace stiles in the parish was recently installed near Weston Farm.


The Parish Council has subsequently received a number of messages of thanks including the following: “The new kissing gate is much appreciated by dog walkers and families as it stops dogs and children rushing out into the road and access into the field is so much easier.  Everyone I have spoken to is very pleased with it. Please thank everyone involved for making it happen.”

Children in Buriton are disgusted

Buriton’s Nursery School and Primary School are hoping that irresponsible dog owners will pay attention to new posters around the village.

The problem of dog poo seems to have got worse in recent months – not just on the Recreation Ground but also in a number of other places – and so children have designed their own posters to get their messages across.